Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Grandma Scrapbook

Hi sorry I haven't been posting lately. I have been busy. My wonderful Grandma passed away a few weeks ago and I have been busy dealing with some of the details of that. She lived to be nearly 96 and went very peacefully in her sleep. Her passing has taught me the true importance of scrapbooking and journaling in those books.

I often asked her is she had any photos of her as a child or of her family. She would just dismiss it and say " Honey we barely had money for shoes, we certainly didn't have money for pictures." However after she passed I discovered quite a treasure trove of photos in an old cardboard box (gasp!!!). Luckily the bulk of them were in incredible shape. But as the old saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" well that only applies if you know a bit about the photo. Grandma left me small clues by writing a bit on some of the photos. So I have managed to piece together some of her history. History I wish she would have shared when she was alive.

This is my first attempt at digital scrapbooking so the pages were just templates off of Some of my scans aren't great but I know my siblings and cousins wanted to see some of the great photos. I will try to make a few more pages in a few days. The photos that I used were some of my favorites. It is truely amazing the shape they are in. I guess she must have found the only archivally safe cardboard box available.:) I hope you enjoy looking at them. Thanks.

Have a wonderful day and scrapbook those photos!!!!! Don't forget to journal too.


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