Thursday, April 10, 2008

I saw this poem on line today and just had to laugh. How many of us does this sound like?

Mommy's Online

I can hear them calling, so I know they are fine."Where's Mom?" they are saying, Don't they know I'm Online?!!!

"We're Hungry!", I hear. I tell them, "Please hush! Mom is online now, what is the rush!!?" They had a bite yesterday when the phone lines were out, These kids drive you crazy...Oh look! There's a pout! I dispense bowls of cereal as I download a file...No time wasted here...I'm a true computerphile!

I check out the boards and respond to a few, "We're so bored!!," moan the children, "What can we do?!!" I tell them to stop, please do not whine. Geeez...can't they see their mother is busy online??!!The grumbling continues as they wander about

"Mom's ALWAYS on the Computer!!," together they shout!
Unawares to me, they yank the phone from the Jack, saying,
"Daddy is right...this is the way to get Mommy back!"
Author Unknown

Have a great day!


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